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Courthouse Square

Courthouse Square respects the scale of the U.S. Courthouse across the street and compliments the surrounding Downtown Historic District. Its two-story arcade of local stone and locally made precast panels echoes the tall, arched U.S. Courthouse windows. Its fifth story, set back using a mansard style roof punctuated with gently curving dormers, respects the Courthouse's height. Key green strategies include geothermal templification, displacement ventilation, radiant heating and cooling, daylighting, task lighting, low-emitting materials and indoor chemical and pollutant source control. The building is 91.4% efficient (rentable/gross) with a common area factor or 1.069. Courthouse Square is the second LEED Gold certified project in South Dakota and an AIA South Dakota Merit Award winner.

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325 S 1st Ave
Sioux Falls, SD
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